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Marcus C. H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Oh well, i am to lazy to write much... I like to write stories, sometimes little poems, doodling stuff and making sculptures.... yay so much for my artistic side, but i wont upload much, all to crappy compared to the great stuff here

oh wait, it says Bio...
imma male (single), german, dog owner... blablabla dont feel like writing more


trainercard - Theodore G. by TeddyXG
trainercard - Theodore G.
haha, nephew is a great pokemon fan, the tv series was lame, but the games were addicting, so i wondered what my dream team nowadays would look like
i also set myself a few limitations: only one mega version (i count unbound and primal seperatly) and only up to 3 legendaries

1. Chise - a female Banette (Ghost; Ability: Insomnia) wearing a Focus Sash: Destiny Bond, Shadow Claw, Knock Off, Protect

2. Chiho - a female Rapidash (Fire; Ability: Flash Fire) holding Leftovers: Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Low Kick, Morning Sun

3. Xantha - a shiny White-Kyurem (Dragon/Ice; Ability: Turboblaze) wearing Choice Specs: Ice Beam, Focus Blast, Earth Power, Draco Meteor

4. Glascannon - a shiny Mega-Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying; Ability: Delta Stream) holding a Life Orb: Dragon Ascent, Draco Meteor, Extreme Speed, Earthquake

5. Rogue - a female Togekiss (Fairy/Flying; Ability: Serene Grace) holding Leftovers: Air Slash, Thunder Wave, Tri Attack, Roost

6. ???: the last one is an egg... the pokemon would be random, depending what i am gonna level, a special counter for certain trainers, one i like (female Lapras, male Linoone<3 , most Eeevolotions and so forth, poorly my limitations wouldnt allow Mega-Diancie) or just a VM-slave for dig/surf/fly and so on

yes.. i was bored (and just for info, starter of choice would have been Froakie-->Greninja)


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